Healthy Snacks

Ok, so here’s my thoughts about snacks……..I suggest trying to keep snacking to a minimum. Make your meals balanced and satiating enough to hold you over until the next meal. And by meals, I mean three square meals a day. There is absolutely no need to eat small meals throughout the day. All that does is tell your body that it needs to be constantly fed. If you are starving between meals, eat something that is high in protein and/or fat. If you are on the go and need something to hold you over until your next meal, protein may be a little hard to access unless you are drinking a protein shake or some sort of dried meat (most of which has added sugars that we don’t want to consume). Personally, the only protein powder I like and that my digestive system can handle, is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I like to mix it with powdered wheatgrass to promote alkalinity in my system. But, you can mix it with coffee, tea, or a veggie based smoothie that is low in sugar. RX bars are great to have on hand as an emergency food because they are sweetened with dates, have a little protein, and have only whole food ingredients. Still, those dates pack in the sugar and carbs so you want to keep consumption of those to a minimum. Same goes for Lara Bars. Nuts, nut butters,  and dark chocolate (85% or higher) are great options of healthy fats to hold you over when you’re on the go too. You want your nuts to be raw or dry roasted. Watch ingredients for added oils. Also, remember that a serving of nuts is a scant handful, 1 oz, or about 10-20 pieces depending on the nut.  I recommend staying away from carbs for your snacks unless it is raw veggies or something of the lower glycemic nature such as berries, stone fruits, or green apples (the highest of those options). Carbs will not satisfy you and will only leave you craving more carbs.

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