What to drink?

Here’s some ideas of what to drink so you can ditch the sodas, diet sodas, juices, or whatever else you drink that may be keeping you from looking and feeling your best. 

  1. Water: make sure you are at least getting your body weight/2 in ounces of water each day, more if exercising, in the sun, or if you work outside.
  2. Sparkling waters: I love my sparkling waters. At night, sometimes I will even put some in a wine glass to feel like I’m having something special that isn’t loading up the carbs and calories. I love all the citrus flavored La Croix.
  3. Teas: My favorite teas are green tea and matcha (I usually buy Republic of Teas brand). These are great choices to get your antioxidants in! Rooibos, herbal, and white teas are good if you are cutting back on caffeine. If I’m feeling hungry or bored in the middle of the day, but know I don’t need to eat anything, I will make some tea to occupy myself.
  4. Coffee: Also a nice treat if you need a little afternoon pick me up that is full of antioxidants. As with everything, too much is never good so censor your coffee intake according you the way you feel and try not to drink it 8 hours before bed. I love, love, love, Chameleon cold brew coffee!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kombucha: Not pictured here because my favorite brand has been out of stock at my grocery stores. The best brand I’ve found is Synergy which has minimal ingredients and no added sugar. Kombucha is great to add some good bacteria to your gut!

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