A few of my favorite kitchen things….

I just thought I would share some of my favorite, essential kitchen tools with you guys that make healthy living easy! These things have been accumulated over many years and most of them were wedding gifts. It really sucks that most of us don’t even know what we need in the kitchen until after we get married, so we don’t register for the most useful stuff! Some of these things can be pricey, but definitely worth the investment, in my opinion. Christmas is coming…..;)

  1. Blentec blender and twister jar: I originally bought this to make baby food but now I use it a few times a week for nut butters, nut milks, soups, smoothies, whole juices, mashed cauliflower, homemade nut and fruit bars, cookies, the list goes on and on…..This is one of those investment pieces but you won’t regret it! I chose this instead of a Vitamix because I didn’t like the lid on the Vitamix and it was too tall to fit under my cabinets. Plus, I’m obsessed with the color cream….such a basic “you know what”, I know 😉
  2. Crock Pot: Don’t laugh at my super cool 80’s Crock Pot, my mom gave it to me 😉 Everyone knows what a slow cooker does and there’s plenty of recipes here for them!
  3. Le Creuset Dutch Oven: Another pricier piece, but so worth it. I’m pretty sure I will be able to pass this on to my grandchildren. This is a 7 qt and I think it’s pretty much the perfect size for a small family. Great for roasts, soups, meatballs and meat sauce, chili, etc.
  4. Emile Henry casserole dish: This thing is just so pretty. It was a housewarming gift from my cousins and I just love when I get to use it! It’s nonstick so it’s great for casseroles and even cakes! Their pie dishes are beautiful too!
  5. All Clad rotisserie pan: One of my favorite pieces that I stole from my mom….she get’s all the good stuff! Great for roasts, turkeys, chickens, roasted veggies…..
  6. Cast Iron Skillet: I just bought this and can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner! I haven’t made too much in yet except for my Crispy Cast Iron Thighs, but I would buy it again and again just to make those!
  7. Non stick pans: I like to have a 10″ and a 12″ on hand at all times. This is one of those things you have to replace every 4-6 months or so depending on how often you use it because non stick will eventually chip. Cuisinart, Calphalon, and Green Pan make some that are reasonably priced. Like I said, you will have to replace every now and then so don’t spend too much here. I use my 10″ every day to make my eggs in and use the 12″ to saute stuff.
  8. Paderno Spiralizer: Love, love, love this thing! I will have to admit, it royally pissed me off the first time I tried to use it without watching a youtube video first! So far, I’ve made zucchini noodles and sweet potato curly fries with it. Comes with several attachments to do all kinds of cool stuff.
  9. Odds and ends: A good knife, one that you like to hold, and like the shape and weight of. I prefer a 7″ santoku as opposed to a chef’s knife that most use. A garlic press, peeler, and wooden spoon are also some things I use on a daily and weekly basis.
  10. For roasting and baking: Every time I roast veggies, I first place all my veggies, oil and seasonings in a plastic ziploc storage bag to evenly coat. I place the veggies on top of parchment paper on top of a half sheet pan (18″x 13″).
  11. Technivorm Moccamaster: I’m in love with coffee and after using a Mr.Coffee for so long, I figured I needed to step up my game and get this baby for my birthday present. So glad I did, because it’s awesome! Don’t get me wrong the Mr. Coffee makes a fine cup, but I was disgusted by the pink mold that would constantly build up in the water well. I would even leave the lid open to dry it out and it still didn’t help.
  12. Pastry brush: I threw this one in here because its great to conserve your oils when you don’t want to pour oil on top of something. This way you can brush it on (if roasting squash for instance) and it’s not excessive or wasteful.


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