My top ten tips for a successful, real food lifestyle.

Short and sweet little blog post today! Hope it’s useful and let me know if you have any questions! 

  1. Start your day with a breakfast of protein and fat. My go to every day is 3 eggs cooked in Kerrygold butter.
  2. Lunch and dinner should look the same, so make enough food at dinner to have leftovers for lunch. If you have prepared food in the fridge you can’t fail!
  3. Meals should include: vegetables, quality meat, healthy fat, and seasonings.
  4. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN: Always keep a grocery list handy so you can write down ingredients that sound good to you at the time.
  5. Never let yourself get too hungry.
  6. Eat MEALS. Stop the snacking, the shakes, the bars, the crap 😉 Those things should be go-to’s only in the case of emergencies (refer to #5).
  7. Follow your favorite real food bloggers on social media and save their recipe posts that you like. That way, you always have fresh ideas and inspiration to refer back to when making grocery lists.
  8. Grocery shop twice a week. Make one of those times close to the weekend.
  9. Shop mainly on the perimeter of the grocery store: produce, protein, and other animal products such as bacon, butter, and eggs. Isles are for coffee, nuts, olives, broth, oils, canned tomatoes or sauce….
  10. Pick two or three recipes a week to cook and do simple ingredient meals of vegetables and protein for the rest of the week.

And one more bonus for good luck……If it doesn’t have a mama or grow from the ground, don’t eat it.

And another…..If you don’t want to be tempted by junk food, GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!



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