Meal Planning in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Pick a VEGETABLE

  • mostly greens and cruciferous, sometimes starches
  • roast them, make salads or coleslaws

Step 2: Pick a PROTEIN

  • meat, fish, eggs, game
  • grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught are optimal, but….JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN 🙂

Step 3: Pick a FAT

  • the fat may come from your meat or from dressing or cooking your veggies or both
  • avocado oil, first cold pressed EVOO, ghee, grass-fed butter, bacon, coconut oil


Notice there is no fourth step to add a starch (i.e. grain). I know we are conditioned to think we need this extra step. No, we don’t. You can get plenty of carbs from your veggies. I promise. Also, notice it doesn’t specify to eat only lean meats. Lean meats are fine, but we can have fattier cuts of meat because we aren’t adding that fourth, starchy step. Eat what you enjoy. Make shopping easy and just eat real food. Oh, and add any spices and herbs to any of these steps 😉


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